Alice In Borderland Quiz – Which AIB Character Are You?

Which Alice In Borderland Character Are You Quiz

There’s no doubt that you like the drama Alice In Borderland, but do you know if you turn out to be one of the survivors or not? Check out which Alice In Borderland character are you? with the updated and best ever “Alice In Borderland Quiz!”

Alice In Borderland Quiz
Alice In Borderland - Netflix


As far as the first season of Alice In Borderland is concerned, it was epic and intriguing. You might think it is very close to what we can call the Japanese Squid Game but the two are very different from each other. Things in Alice In Borderland are different because no one in the game goes in with consent. Let’s reveal a few plot details for fans like you! In Tokyo, Japan everything darkens for a few seconds may be due to an electrical fault in the city but as soon as a few young adults open their eyes again, they find themselves in a new place. It was the same as Tokyo, however, it was empty with no people and loads of doors.

Further, they are handed phones which gives them directions for games. It is clear that every person who passes the games would live or else they would be found dead. Hence, every gamer tries to solve the mysteries and puzzles given in order to live. Every day a new game is played after the sunset and everyone captivated needs to play it but there are a few main characters in the game who are highlighted and according to our gut feeling you are one of them!


We have listed down the best and strongest characters in Alice In Borderland. Have a look at them before you enter the Alice In Borderland Test.

Which AIB Character Are You
Alice In Borderland Characters - Netflix

Ryōhei Arisu

Arisu might have been discouraged by his family because of his laid-back attitude and extraordinary interest in gaming but this boy turned out to be a pro in the real world game. Everyone knows that Arisu is the most capable and smartest player in the game who grabs wins one after another. Not only is Arisu a smart guy he is compassionate and loving as well. In these types of deadly games, a person has all the right to be selfish but Arisu is the one who helped his biggest competitor in the game Distance.

No doubt that he showed incredible performance in games like Dead or Alive, Light Bulb, Tag, and Witch Hunt. All this compassion and strength developed more in Arisu when he saw his closest friends Chōta Segawa and Daikichi Karube. Why do you think he’s fighting so aggressively? It is because he is desperate to avenge the loss of his friends who were innocent but still died without any sin. You are also smart, clever, and an obsessed gamer but do you know what drives you in difficult situations? Pressure and fear!

Ryōhei Arisu
Ryōhei Arisu - Alice In Borderland

Aguni Morizono

If someone asks you “Which Alice In Borderland character are you most like?” then would you like to be Morizono? This character might seem too rude and egotistical but you know that he switched his angry man’s character to one who saves lives like a hero. Morizono is definitely likable not only because of his style but also because we could feel how nice he became towards the end. People think that you are a villain because of your serious and stern attitude but they don’t have any idea about the sensitive person who lives inside you.

Aguni Morizono
Aguni Morizono - Alice In Borderland

Yuzuha Usagi

No matter how much we felt bad when Usagi was dragged into the game soon after her father’s death, but we couldn’t do anything. The poor girl Usagi could be seen in a dreadful condition because it was impossible for her to settle in such a place where she never thought she’d be. Being in the game, combating her inner self, and watching others die are only some of the problems she was facing.

Anyhow, Usagi adopted a new way to work out in the game, she begin to take the side of Arisu and they both played together as a team. They both turn out to be the most impressive players in the game. You are also a person who keeps emotions before everything else. It doesn’t matter if you have to face the worst because of that but at least she had peace of mind.

Yuzuha Usagi
Yuzuha Usagi - Alice In Borderland

Hikari Kuina

Hikari Kuina is an amazing character who is a born fighter. She may have been facing resistance from all sides but her never-ending willpower is what makes us love her to the core. Kuina is a transgender and though her family cuts off all ties with her, but she never loses faith in herself. We loved her when she faced every challenge with bravery and intelligence. Further, she joins hands with Usagi and Arisu and this team left all others astonished. Kuina’s wit and wisdom helped the team in winning the challenges. The problems of life don’t have the power to end your courage because you are a born winner!

Hikari Kuina
Hikari Kuina - Alice In Borderland

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Only our Alice In Borderland Personality Quiz is capable enough to tell you “What Alice In Borderland character are you?” with 100% accuracy. So, what are you waiting for? Get on and answer the quiz!!!