Akatsuki Quiz – What Akatsuki Member Are You?

Which Akatsuki Member Are You? & Naruto Akatsuki Test

Naruto is around us for over a decade as we’ve been watching it since 2002. But still, who would say that he or she is now bored of it. There is no chance that anybody would like it to end and why should we, the “Naruto Fan Army” say this! This anime has been an inspiration for all of us. The setting of Naruto is in a land that has many similarities to our own world. Plus, the passion of learning in its characters is something that gets transferred to the viewers in every episode. More than anything, the plot of Naruto is long, intense, loaded with twists and turns so there’re never any chances of boredom.

If we ask you which plot twist left you shocked and you wished to watch the whole story related to it immediately? Well, most of you are a fan of Akatsuki and you all are absolutely right. This gang’s upheaval caused our hearts to beat harder. If you are an as big fan of Akatsuki as much as we are then you would definitely know which Akatsuki member are you? What! Are you serious? You must find out which Akatsuki member do you kin with the Akatsuki Quiz because most of the Naruto fans know about theirs already.


Akatsuki Quiz

Akatsuki is an organization in Naruto that consists of ninjas and powerful combatants. This clan was the creation of Yahiko years ago and it all started for good. All he wanted was to end all kinds of oppression and fill the world with peace. In the beginning, all was going good and Akatsuki was a heroic clan for all but things changed with time.

Along with other members, there was one black sheep who settled for wrong and manipulated all the members of Akatsuki (with words or with his dark powers). He was none other than Black Zetsu! After that, the name of Akatsuki became more of abuse as they began employing their powers for evil purposes. It was a threat that only Naruto could eliminate to make his world a safer place. Since you now know the backstory of Akatsuki then hurry up and roll into the Akatsuki Kin Quiz to track which Akatsuki member are you most like?


Let’s see whose black cloak is written in your fate!

Akatsuki Test

Madara Uchiha

If you talk about power and rule in Naruto then you would never forget the name of Madara. His name is enough to make others realize what they are against. He was the one who initiated Akatsuki but things went far from what he expected. Madara wanted benefits for all but the urge to defeat humans ended him being manipulated by Zetsu.

You can get the idea of his powers by the fact that he is the only one who had the power to stand against Hashirama Senju (God of Shinobi). His life after death as a monster made him invincible as he vanquished thousands of shinobi and the nine-tailed beasts. Some of his prominent powers are Taijutsu, a variety of ninjutsu styles, Body Modifications, proficiency with almost all kinds of weapons, nature transformations, Mangekyō Sharingan, Jinchūriki transformation, and so on.


This petite girl is one of the members who actually created the Akatsuki with their sweat and blood. You might think that Konan might be supporting the clan emotionally but you’re wrong because she is the one with whom Pain never decided anything. Konan is not any ordinary ninja but the one who brought great alterations in the techniques and was a pro in them.

Konan is obsessed with origami is an expert in it. She even blended her ninja techniques with origami and they turned out to be extraordinary “Paper Ninjutsu”. In this, Konan can turn herself into pieces of paper that are harmed by nothing. Including this, she can create shuriken and chakram-like weapons as well. With her calm and composed attitude, she could do everything but the death of Nagato broke her heart, on the other hand, Tobi’s conduct left her no choice but to leave Akatsuki.

Itachi Uchiha

It is tough to sacrifice one thing for another but Itachi did it for the greater good. He had to kill all the people of the clan in order to become an integral part of Akatsuki. Basically, all Itachi wanted was to defeat the group from within. No one ever had doubts about him because of the immense power he possessed.

Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, battling avatar Susanoo, Shurikenjutsu, Nature Transformations including Yin and Yang Release, Genjutsu, are all he’s famous for. His death was devastating but he lived the life of a hero.


Nagato joined hands with Yahiko and after his death, he was the one who took over Akatsuki. Nagato was fairly made the leader as he was initially looking to make peace in the world but he started to observe that the truth was never winning and so he had to acquire evilness in order to gain power. Nagato after joining Akatsuki changed his name to “Pain” to warn the world of his powers.

His intelligence is matchless as he divides his life into six souls to make himself unbeatable and called it calls his "Six Paths of Pain.” Including all this, Nature Transformations, Yang Release, Rain Tiger at Will Technique, Naraka Path's ability, and Rinnegan.


Don’t feel bad if you wish to date a villain. Look! Any anime, manga, novel, movie, TV series, etc can become a success until the villains are strengthened and clever enough to give tough time to the heroes. So, be optimistic and check who can you date in Akatsuki. Don’t miss the Akatsuki Test at any cost.


What Akatsuki Member Are You?

It’s now the time you have been waiting for so long! Akatsuki is the second name for power, vigor, and reign. If you think you have what it takes to be an Akatsuki then the Akatsuki Trivia is here to dive deep into your mind to unveil the Akatsuki member hidden in you.